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 Print & Fax: (808) 985-7349

   All reservations are confirmed with a deposit equal to the nightly accommodation rate payable by Visa or MasterCard.  Reservations confirmed within 14 days of the arrival date will be charged the total amount due at the time of confirmation.  Aloha Place- Inn of Volcano/Guest House at Pali Uli reserves the right to change one night accommodations, without notice, to either a comparable accommodation or an upgrade.   Before you fax your request we suggest that you check availability online to secure your reservation.  Reservations will be confirmed via email within 24 hours of receipt.  Reservations submitted via fax are NOT guaranteed until confirmed with a valid deposit.
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CHECK AVAILABILITY FIRST (Please circle your request)
Cottages: Sushi Cottage-       Kitchenette
Rooms: Birds of Paradise RoomLei Room Honu RoomAloha Room Paniolo RoomAli'i RoomBamboo Room
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