Volcano Ranch Roundup
Roundup -

    Imagine yourself a "Paniolo" or "Cowboy" for a day while you partake in this annual event.  Learn how the Paniolos train their mounts and gain first hand experience at rounding up the herd, then pick out your cow and brand it!  After several hours of fascinating work you'll be obliged to sit down to a Paniolo lunch, often sitting right next to a real Paniolo. 

   These are just a few of the memories you'll leave with.  This opportunity is only available certain times throughout the year, and reservations must be confirmed sometimes months in advance.  This is the "real thing" not a staged performance in an open field.  These all day round-ups take place on various nearby ranches, while we provide the horses, equipment and transportation, utmost care is taken to provide suitable mounts with the experience of the rider in mind, as to avoid possibility of injury and to assure a pleasant time for both horse and rider.  Price per person $175. 


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